Many-Flowered Rose


Many-Flowered Rose Flower Essence helps you “bloom” from your heart so you can offer your gifts to the world. Inspires trust that all will unfold in perfect timing and that your needs will be met. This essence encourages you to situate yourself where you are the most supported. In order to be a powerful attractor, you simply need to let your light shine.



Many-Flowered Rose | Flower Essence | Offering Your Gifts

Botanical Name: Rosa multiflora var adenochaeta

Family: Rosaceae
Many-Flowered Rose flower essence fact sheet

Message from Many-Flowered Rose Flower Essence

We cooperate with the insect kingdom. We work together for mutual benefit. Our nectar and pollen benefit the bees, who require our gifts for health and nutrition, and in turn they provide us with the necessary service of pollination. For we developed in partnership with these insects, over millennia of time, and we always fulfill the needs of the other. We do not worry that the other will “show up” to meet our needs, that they will be delayed or not arrive in the perfect time. For all unfolds as it should, in perfect time. We trust that our needs will be provided for – for all we need do is to provide our best blooms and do what we are inspired to do – to be what we are and share our gifts with the world. Humans have great difficulty with this issue, we realize. They worry if there is a place for them, if they are too late, if they will be provided for. But you see – our lesson is to do your best, simply provide the world what you do best – and just bloom. The “bees” will arrive, fear not, and they will come in great numbers and more than provide for your needs. For we love to bloom, we give our all, and we have many, many hips that are created in the process. These hips are also gifts – for with them, we gift bird kind and many others, while still having more than enough to provide for our continuation. You see, it is an elegant system, and all is provided in perfect time.

So simply bloom, dear one, bloom in the colors and profusion of beauty that arises from your soul, and the bees will come and care for you.

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