Little Cerato


Little Cerato Flower Essence is useful whenever you feel alone and disconnected from your higher self or angelic support. It helps you connect to guidance so higher thought can be accessed while remaining grounded.


Little Cerato | Flower Essence | Higher Self Connection

Pronunciation: sur-at-oh

Botanical Name: Ceratostima minus

Family: Plumbaginaceae
Little Cerato flower essence fact sheet

Message from Little Cerato Flower Essence

You see correctly the haze that is part of our expression in this plane. The points of spirit-light you perceive as flowers are the points of clarity you can perceive in the midst of all the trappings of your world. This buzz, bustle, and so forth, can dull the clarity of vision of the truth – the true self – but it is always there. Opening to the sunlight of gratitude will cause it to come in greater focus, and create more and more clarity. The hum must be seen as what it is – a static that must be worked through in order to perceive the true meaning of things. It is part of the learning, do not misunderstand us, it is appropriate and normal to become caught in it sometimes and during certain phases of growth. But, the important thing to remember is that the “hum” is not the message, the lesson – it is in penetrating the veil with focused intention that the prize is revealed. That prize is the glimpse of the god-self within.

Seek our vibration at any time you feel alone and disconnected, any time you feel a lack of connection to your higher self. We can assist you in piercing the haze that your life on this plane can create and restore your ability to connect consciously to your soul.

Our ability is to assist in the parting of the veil, to enable you to connect to spirit and guidance in order to better fulfill your highest mission on this plane. The veil has a purpose and is part of the setup, but once you give permission and intent to open to the greater part of yourself, this is in your best interest. Spirit may not open this door, it must come from you. Our energies can enable a better connection for you.

Our form demonstrates the ability to be grounded, yet open to higher realms. The focus of the form is so that higher thought may be accessed – but with proper rooting and foundation.

The message we provide for you today is one of unity. Unity with your higher self and true full soul connection. For in your split with Source (in order to incarnate) you agree to release your knowing of your true nature. This insomnia is the driver for many of your experiences on this plane, which serve to benefit the whole. Through growth, and yes, associated pain and discomfort, you create great healing for all. Each obstacle, each challenge you surmount (accept, embrace, forgive and on and on) you gift the collective. The illusion of separation is so great you never realize that what you accomplish in your life reverberates to all beings.

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