Kousa Dogwood Bud


Kousa Dogwood Bud Flower Essence promotes the restoration of an intimate and conscious connection to the Earth, and a greater awareness of interconnection and interdependence of all the Earth’s inhabitants.


Kousa Dogwood Bud | Flower Essence | Earth Connection

Pronunciation: KOOS-uh

Botanical Name: Cornus kousa

Family: Cornaceae
Kousa Dogwood Bud flower essence fact sheet

Message from Kousa Dogwood Bud Flower Essence

My healing potential is in healing through the heart of nature – to restore the elegant natural connection (given to all by birthright) to the power of nature.

It is hardly known now, but you are designed to have an intimate and conscious connection to the earth – not an intellectual knowledge, but a simple and profound knowing. This connection can be restored, and is in much need in your culture.

The profound disconnect of spirit to body (the earth to physical body) is in need of repair. This is the next step in the evolution of humankind, without which the current struggles and impossible situations will continue. For once you as a species KNOW that you are one with the planet, you will be more aware of your connection to one another. This necessary awareness of interconnectedness is the crucial part in understanding that differences of culture, religion, appearance – all these things are truly beautiful and add to the whole. It is the belief of separateness, of isolation that allows hatred – for one cannot truly hate that which is of oneself. This message of unity can only be heard with the understanding, the solid truthful implantation of KNOWING that we are all members of the planet – part of her, part of one body.

The impossible can be done, in this new awareness. Peace can be made in impossible circumstances – the children are the ones who are most able to embrace this next evolutionary step of awareness. Hardened minds have a harder time accepting, but can if led by the wisdom of the pure young mind.

The impossible is truly possible.

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