Delavay’s Tea Olive


Delavay's Tea Olive Flower Essence encourages you to take time to appreciate the beauty of nature around you and access appreciation of the present moment. This essence helps you find the magic and beauty that resides in every moment. It helps you slow down the frantic pace of modern life, improving both physical and mental health.


Delavay’s Tea Olive | Flower Essence | Being Present

Botanical Name: Osmanthus delavayi

Family: Oleaceae

Delavay’s Tea Olive flower essence fact sheet

Message from the Delavay’s Tea Olive Flower Essence

My gifts are appreciation of the present moment – finding the magical beauty of the now.  It is perhaps not an overwhelmingly huge thing, but think about if everyone would be able to appreciate where they were at any given moment.  Appreciation for the gift of life, of breath, of being present.  It is not a small thing.  This is a disease of your age, that of distraction.  Your culture enhances action, noise – for the purpose of driving your economy and workers.  For a worker who takes the time to be present, mindful, is not as productive (at least initially) as one who is driven and always striving for more, more more – input, stimulus, energy (in money and in other forms).  This worker is much more “productive’ albeit in relatively shallow ways.  It is also not sustainable behavior, as evidenced by all the disease and depression your culture suffers from.  This perpetual motion, life lived on the surface, is what we can help remedy.

The primary quality is one of peacefulness. Slowing down the frantic pace of your life is imperative to your health and continuing survival on this plane.

The body can be invited to slow down the clock that relates to the aging process. It is not a fixed event – it can run at a different pace than your calendar and clock 

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