Round Leaf Vitex


Round Leaf Vitex Flower Essence is beneficial for those experiencing imbalance due to extremes or excesses such as overwork, emotional burnout, unhealthy lifestyle, etc. It helps to stimulate the restorative response, promoting balance, calm, and centeredness.


Round Leaf Vitex | Flower Essence | Balancing Extremes

Botanical Name: Vitex rotundifolia

Family: Verbenaceae
Round Leaf Vitex flower essence fact sheet

Message from Round Leaf Vitex Flower Essence

It is a truth that healing can only take place in a state of rest. Spinning, worry, fear – none of these states will allow healing to occur. The calm, receptive state is primary to all healing processes.

We stimulate the restorative response. The importance of this cannot be overstated.

Those in need of our essence are those in need of centering. The individual can become spun out of center by events or the triggering of past traumas. This causes them to become energetically “unseated” from their natural state. This unseated state is truly detrimental and not a state that benefits the health.

You will find the essential use to be that of balancing extremes. Whether the individual presents with extreme emotion, or burnout, or excess ego or drive – all these are simply facets of imbalance. All traits can be strengths – it is only in how they are used in a balanced fashion. That is, in the span of a life, is the overall quality out of balance? This must be examined in the long term view. A day to day snapshot is not an accurate judge of whether this is happening.

You see – in the kingdom of nature, all things take place in balance and harmony according to time and place. In a harsh environment, things (growth, reproduction) must take place on an accelerated schedule. This is a form of balance. When you look at an annual cycle, you will see the activity becoming balanced with times of rest, regeneration, even of reflection.

The concept of balance as being in evenness, every day the same – this is a misconception.

Just as the dominant culture’s drive to work harder, more efficiently, faster and more all the time is a corruption of natural process.  Nature does not operate at 100% efficiency. There would be no reserve, no space for creative variation, no potential for creative inspiration. What a loss that would be!

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