Harlequin Glorybower


Harlequin Glorybower Flower Essence Eases tension so you can relax and flow with life, finding the experience of peace in the midst of stress or turmoil.



Harlequin Glorybower | Flower Essence | Easing Tension

Botanical Name: Clerodendrum trichotomum

Family: Verbenaceae
Harlequin Glorybower flower essence fact sheet

Message from Harlequin Glorybower Flower Essence

Our healing quality is one more of life and joy than any other specific ailment. We gift anyone who wishes to link with us through our essence a feeling of contentment and energetic joy in the physical.

Joyous connections to others, pleasant interactions in social situations

Peace in present time

Peace in the midst of sorrow and loss

To find joy in the midst of pain and turmoil

Our essence is one of broad potential. The first application is for relaxation. Without relaxation, no other energies can penetrate the energy field. In tension, all alert signals are being given, and the body/soul combination is not open to new input.

Once relaxation has taken place, trust is in place. Trust is a prerequisite to openness, and where there is tension, there is no trust. Once the being has relaxed into trust barriers are released to work with and release issues. The issues are not important to our working – whether they be mental, emotional, or physical. It is immaterial. The point is – the vibration gets through the barriers set up by the lack of trust and tension inherent in guardedness.

When one in calm in mind, body, spirit, then work can be accomplished. By work,we do not mean efforting – more that the higher self or healing beings can now work with the being to accomplish healing. You see, the one to be healed merely has to get out of the way for healing to be accomplished.

Our primary function is one of de-tensioning and release of bound energies. When energies do not flow in proper time or are restricted by blockages in the system, pain is the result. The energy releasing will result in the removal of pain.

Our energy permits the relaxation of physical form. The taking of physical form is a process that involves efforting and physical resistance. Moving through your world creates tension, which is an unavoidable effect of the process. There are a great many techniques to aid you in easing or releasing tension – consider us one more option. Our essence dissolves the tension between structures, easing the aggravation that is created by restriction.

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