Yunnan Camellia


Yunnan Camellia Flower Essence eases disheartenment, weariness and worry about the future. Whenever you feel like giving up, it anchors you back into the reality of connection and support.


Yunnan Camellia | Flower Essence | Disheartenment

Botanical Name:  Camellia reticulata

Family: Theaceae
Yunnan Camellia flower essence fact sheet

Message from Yunnan Camellia Flower Essence

The illusion of separation is a cause of your worry and fear for the future. It is best, when feeling these things, to open your eyes to the beauty that surrounds you. Go out, even briefly, and breathe in the support of the green friends, who surround you always. Even the “least” of us can anchor you back in the reality of connection and support. For the lowliest weed can bring you back to your true nature. Eating a green leaf, with the right attitude, can be the sacrament honoring life and our connection with you all.

There is a certain disheartenment that comes upon all of your kind. It is simply a factor of the setup – you are in a dense dimension where things take much time to grow and flower (both literally and metaphorically). The plant kingdom does not worry about this aspect, it is not a struggle to conform to the pacing or progression of seasons and years. But you as humans are naturally impatient. It is understandable, you have unconscious memories of being out of time and space, able to create instantaneously. 

The essence can aid in tempering this impatience with the slow pace of progress. Impatience is one thing, when you are seemingly thwarted in your progress, you may next proceed to disheartenment.

All the frustrations and setbacks of this existence can be assuaged with the beneficial aspects of the plant kingdom.  Our particular talent is for encouraging the disheartened and tempering frustration (especially of the feelings of slow progress, even thwarting of intention). Humans can become easily focused on the day to day conditions, and lack the benefit of the long view. Season by season, year by year, you are growing, achieving your goals and ambitions. Sometimes you just need the reminder and the support we can offer.

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