Tea Flower Essence encourages a sense of calm focus that eases overstimulation and the nervous depletion from multi-tasking and modern life. It helps you become more centered and mindful.


Tea | Flower Essence | Calm Focus

Botanical Name: Camellia sinensis

Family: Theaceae
Tea flower essence fact sheet

Message from Tea Flower Essence

The relationship between humans and our existence has been a long one. The herb consumed by vast numbers of your people has it’s origin in a simple act, heating water and adding leaves. We came to your ancestors in this inspiration, and the partnership continues.

Our qualities are very calming. Humans have learned to process our leaves in many ways, often enhancing one element in particular – the quality of stimulation. Now, this is a significant imbalance in your culture. Yours is a culture existing on stimulation, in a way that is not sustainable.

The stimulant quality in our inherent nature is mild, and serves to reinforce the overall calming quality. It creates a sense of focus, so the calm does not descend into sleepiness. We help you stay in a place of centered awareness as the outer forces swirl around you.

The qualities you are asking about are quiet, gentle and not sharply defined. We are an essence of gentle comfort, and do not have strong or catalytic qualities. Which is not to say we are not powerful, for we have a lunar power, the power that shifts the waters of the earth.

Our essence encourages a deep, still connection to source. It is an aid to meditation, but also to the process of living meditation, that is how to walk in the world in a conscious way.

The nerves can become fried from overuse, excess and heat. It is a matter of moderation and balance. For when immoderate activity is the rule, the ability of the body to come back into balance is compromised. Our essence will be restorative for this.

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