Korean Stewartia


Shows the way to the experience of grace in your life. Helps you step out of high activity into ease.

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Korean Stewartia | Flower Essence | Release into Ease

Botanical Name: Stewartia koreana

Family: Theaceae

Message from Korean Stewartia Flower Essence

We show the way to an experience of grace in life. It is a quiet expression, one that may be overlooked when louder energies are present, but steady and constant.
Beings in our presence find a calmness, a resting point. When lives are high or frantic energy, it can be forgotten how to release into ease.
We emphasise the outbreath, the place where the system releases into rest.
As you can see, there are great similarities between all members of Theaceae. We carry an overarching message of calm, peace, centeredness.
It is for us specifically to ease the step out of the action or activity into the energetic of release and peace.

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