Fortune’s Empress Tree


Fortune’s Empress Tree Flower Essence provides the archetype of positive feminine mastery and empowers self-healing. Offers the embrace of nurturing feminine energies, shelter and protection. A supportive essence to aid in the self-healing process.


Fortune’s Empress Tree | Flower Essence | Feminine Mastery

Botanical Name: Paulownia fortunei

Family: Scrophulariaceae
Fortune’s Empress Tree flower essence fact sheet

Message from the Fortune’s Empress Tree Flower Essence

The topic of the nurturing of the unformed female principle is a rich area indeed. For it takes great commitment to nurture and guide the girl into maturity. This has been greatly lost in your culture.
The rites of adolescence have become quite tainted with the obsession with appearance. There is an inherent polarity created in the female in the culture – in youth she is one thing, perhaps sweet and childlike, then suddenly she is a sexual being, perhaps exploited by the culture. There is no modeling in the greater culture of the many phases of womanhood.

Indeed there is this perpetual ebb and flow of who a woman is. At any stage of her life she can be many different people, fulfilling many different roles. In some ways, many of the aspects of her are defined in her relationship with others (daughter, wife, mother). This can make it difficult for her to know who she is. The natural desires to nurture can be directed so outwardly she neglects to nurture her unique being. This must be encouraged, for losing touch (or never knowing) who you are is a great loss.

Our essence reminds each woman of her true nature, outside of all the external relationships that define her.

Our essence robes her in her knowing, a garment truly reflective of her being, her unique nature. Our wisdom is not only for the young woman, a woman of any age can benefit form being guided to connect to her being and to conduct her life from that place of knowing.

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