Schisandra Flower Essence helps you experience stability through the process of change. Strengthens and encourages when you feel anxious or fearful about growing and revealing your true self. Teaches moderation to those committed to a path of growth who tend to overextend themselves.



Schisandra | Flower Essence | Stability During Change

Pronunciation: shi-ZAN-druh

Botanical Name: Schisandra chinensis

Family: Schisandraceae
Schisandra flower essence fact sheet

Message from Schisandra Flower Essence

Through force of our nature we can help you overcome obstacles to growth.

Some level of fear, of trepidation, is normal when encountering newness, new ways of being, showing new aspects of self. This is normal, but don’t let it stop you. Continue to move forward, allowing your feelings. The feelings are there to bring focus and attention – be mindful of them, but do not take them to be truthful guidance. For they come from the personality level of consciousness, and the personality prefers stability. Trust us, your existence here on this planet is not in any way an exercise in stability. However, your physical body reacts to change by experiencing fear, anxiety or otherwise feeling threatened. You know the feeling most concretely when you lose your footing, or when the surface on which you are standing moves beneath you. This is a clear moment when adrenaline is released, the cascade begins so you can act quickly to preserve your life.

Now, the circumstances you find yourself in this time and energy create these moments regularly, but below the level of conscious awareness. This creates a sense of anxiety, without an obvious cause. It is equivalent to the sensation of the ground moving beneath your feet.

The essence we are making together will serve you, and other humans, well as you negotiate this changing time.

The change causes fear, because the body feels a disruption in equilibrium. These changes do not seem to be soon to stop, by the way. It will be better to work with the changes, for they are what you have asked for. It will be more valuable to you to adapt to the rapidly shifting energies, and our essence will be most valuable in this way.

It is an issue of your time, of how to physically balance during a time of great change. From day to day, year to year, your growth curve creates changed needs of your body, and in order to function your best, you will best respond to them promptly. Even when you do there can be disorientation, lag time in your auric fields, your energy bodies. This lag can be aided to resolve with our essence.

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