Trifoliate Orange


Trifoliate Orange Flower Essence brings focused attention and clarity of mind to a healing challenge so the lesson of the challenge can be fully learned.



Trifoliate Orange | Flower Essence | Focused Attention

Botanical Name: Poncirus trifoliata

Family: Rutaceae
Trifoliate Orange flower essence fact sheet

Message from Trifoliate Orange Flower Essence

It is a truth that this plane of existence is rich with input. There comes a time when too much input has been taken in and the mind, indeed the whole being, is overstimulated. At this point the astringency and the sharp pointing of awareness must be restored. Our essence will excel at this. You see, the dimension of air, of light, these are the primary realms we address. Our twisting branches, and interlocking spines give you the impression of some sort of chaos. It is not so, our growth takes place in a pattern that is not observable to you. However, the essence can help your mind clarify when overwhelmed with competing thoughts, data streams that go in multitudinous directions.

The flower, that resides after the experience of the thorn – this is the healing pattern. For within the flower lives the future memory of the fruit it will become. The point of view that it is not yet fruit is only “true” on your limited plane of understanding. You reside in a time based construct that is but one concept of reality – the concept is not “reality” per se.

So, our five pointed stars, coming after (in your plane of understanding) the development of and placement of the thorn. The thorn is the first experience – the way our being grasps the attention of the one partaking in our medicine.

So, first must come the point of attention – the sharp bringing to attention of focus, the clear viewing of the question. (You see, we come to the concept of disease as point of questioning) So, now that the situation has your attention, we may progress. In this flowering process – there is a concentration of energy, of intention to clarify, explore, gestate an examination of the issue at hand. There is a certain amount of time that will elapse in this process. It is rare for a human to be able to move through this in a few moments. You see, the challenge is then to be attended to, not dismissed rapidly.

So, once the challenge has been held and examined, the opening of the flower of awareness can commence. The opening to other sources, higher sources of consciousness – this is the natural next step to take place. For when the human releases the control of thought, limited reality understanding and linear analysis and opens to a greater truth – this is the next evolutionary step.

From this burst of flowering consciousness, the gift of fruit may form. From your perspective, the fruit may be unattractive and even inedible. This is not the point. The fruit is the gold within the challenge, and a prize earned completely. The greatest prizes often have little worth to others, and there is no reason for there to be.

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