Yeddo Hawthorn


Yeddo Hawthorn Flower Essence balances the heart and ego, helping you interact with others in a balanced way, acting on the guidance of your greater self.


Yeddo Hawthorn | Flower Essence | Balanced Interaction

Botanical Name: Rhaphiolepis umbellata

Family: Rosaceae
Yeddo Hawthorn flower essence fact sheet

Message from Yeddo Hawthorn Flower Essence

Our energies pervade the center of the being. By the center, we mean the area that is most used – whether the heart or the ego. We influence the balance between the two. You see, you are accustomed to seeing these two centers as distinct and separate – with only a tenuous relationship between them.

We interact in the area between the will and the heart – where do we find the energy, the impulse to act – and still be in coherent connection with our highest impulses? To balance the two, at times opposing, impulses? This is our area of influence, bringing balance to these expressions.

For this is indeed what it is. There is a great tendency to judge things good or bad, to create a “bright line” of what is acceptable, and what is wrong or sinful or evil. But the truth is more fluid than these hard designations, there is a lot of space for exploration and experimentation.

We use the word experimentation on purpose, for your interactions on this plane are very much about experimenting, trying things out, practicing, and failing even. The judgement comes strictly from other humans, not the realm of spirit.

The internal struggle you feel is one that all have, to one degree or another. Part of living in a society is to fit in, and a great deal of conditioning takes place so members fit in. You realize, of course, that the result of this can be less than optimal individuation. In this case the term is used to indicate the soul’s purpose for expressing here on this plane. Each person develops his own way of working with this inherent conflict.

Now, this “problem” is strictly a limited thinking construct. It does not occur on other planes. Only here, where there is seen a need to control others (from the one with the strongest will, of course!) that each individual’s expression is damped down.

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