Wingthorn Rose


Wingthorn Rose Flower Essence guides the journey through painful experiences so you can gain wisdom in the process of growing and refining your soul.


Wingthorn Rose | Flower Essence | Gaining Wisdom

Botanical Name: Rosa sericea

Family: Rosaceae
Wingthorn Rose flower essence fact sheet

Message from Wingthorn Rose Flower Essence

We do carry a more direct energy, a more direct route to healing than other roses.

The clarity the flowers offer speaks clearly – this is what is true. For all the levels of complications a human mind can create, for all the knots of pain a human heart can hold – our message cuts right to the essential reality. When it is suddenly revealed to the soul, in high relief, the soul can stop the spin, the focus on non-essentials, and get down to work. The work is to understand and heal the wound – and to then pick up and embody the wisdom that has been gained. It is not exactly wrong to chip around the edges of the matter for the span of a lifetime – but, then again, in your life review – wouldn’t you rather have gotten past the introduction, the back story – and have engaged in your life’s mission?

For so many become bogged down in the story, the wounding. If it does not progress in any way – what use does it have for you?

Now, the exploration, the excavation of the challenges you carry from your life experiences – the bringing of this material into the light is truly essential for you to clearly grasp and execute your life plan. Trying to skip this phase will not serve you at all – it will create many shadows and distortions in your path and subsequent creations.

So, identify, clarify, bring into the light of awareness. Our essence is helpful in these things – but, we provide a push to get to the next phase – the fruiting of wisdom, the creation of actual, worthwhile material – that will serve you, others, and the planet in general.


It is in the seeking of truth that we find much wisdom. The wisdom is hard earned, and appropriately so.  For the journey of the seeking is the point of it all, not the product of the journey. For we speak to you today of the wisdom of the heart, that wisdom which is hard won. The road to enlightenment is a treacherous journey, filled with much heartbreak and pain. It is in the experiencing of this pain, the examination of it, the journey through pain – this is where the wisdom lies. For all lives fully lived bring pain. Pain cannot be avoided, nor should a soul try. The pain transforms and teaches us – it must be embraced with open heart.

The pain can be overwhelming in the moment, but it is the crucible of your purification – the growing and refining of your soul. Believe this to be true – all experiences of pain are opportunities to refine your being, and are best experienced from a place of perspective (as much as is possible in your limited ability to do so). The pain must be fully experienced in order to be transformed into beauty. 

Our angelic nature is here to support in this process, to give succor and even an altered perspective of the pain experience. For it is not possible, nor appropriate, to try to avoid the pain experience through “ascension” above, out of the human heart experience, but you can tap into the soul level experience at the same time. This is where we can be of aid.

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