Wilmott’s Rose


Wilmott’s Rose Flower Essence softens and heals the heart so health can flow in the body.

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Wilmott’s Rose | Flower Essence | Heart Healing

Botanical Name: Rosa willmottiae

Family: Rosaceae
Wilmott’s Rose flower essence fact sheet

Message from Wilmott’s Rose Flower Essence

The realm of healing the heart is vast. This is indeed the next frontier in your evolution as a species. For healing of the physical body is only needed when the spirit has been out of sorts for a very long time. The heart center is one of the primary drivers of the health of the body. If health is desired, at some point the being is required to open the heart, heal any scars or armoring, and release into the energy of love.

Any time there has been energetic insult to the heart center, our essence can be called upon to heal it. While it is always ideal to address challenges as soon as they happen, our essence can also be used to relieve old pains and wounds. 

Any heart can bloom again with the right nurturing and encouragement.

Tend your own heart with compassion, and you will find you will have so much more space to feel compassion for others.

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