Ussurian Pear


Ussurian Pear Flower Essence connects you to the core quality of purity of your being, the true and eternal part of you that is untouched by earthly experiences, pain or wounding.


Ussurian Pear | Flower Essence | Purity

Botanical Name: Pyrus ussuriensis

Family: Rosaceae
Ussurian Pear flower essence fact sheet

Message from Ussurian Pear Flower Essence

The primary healing quality of our transmission is a connection to core purity. For events take place in all lives that leave an imprint. This imprint seems to tarnish the very perfection of this being’s incarnation. We say “seems to” because, of course, the soul light is as pure as the Source energy itself.  But in the incarnation, events, even choices combine into the events of mistake, error, incorrect thought and deed. These imprint memories, even into the physical body to create scars (either mental or actual physical damage). These scars can be interpreted by the individual or by others as a mark to be ashamed of. It is simply an experience, a potential for learning. There are never any experiences that taint the spirit.  It is inviolate.

However, connecting to this part of the self in a state of density can be extremely difficult. These experiences can be very real, and seem so much more real than what the truth really is. For from the perspective of the eternal Self, these are but fleeting experiences. In the grand stretch of experience, they are minute.

So our essence can connect one to the true purity of one’s true being, the true and eternal self that is untouched by density, no matter what.

A great calm can come over the mind and spirit when you realize this truth.

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