Sikkim Crabapple


Sikkim Crabapple Flower Essence clears distortions that keep you from bringing your inspired ideas into reality. Dissolves blocks that keep you stuck.


Sikkim Crabapple | Flower Essence | Clearing Blocks

Botanical Name: Malus sikkimensis

Family: Rosaceae

Message from Sikkim Crabapple Flower Essence
We can offer a quality of healing that is unmatched to others of our type. In part it is because our expression is distinct – the purity of the color of flower comes into play here. The pale pink of the buds show an affinity to the body – so there is not a disconnect with “reality” of form. We wish to emphasize the strong connection to form here.
But the pure light quality of the petals demonstrates the quality of purity. There are no distortions, the light flows through the physical in pure translucence. In this way, we serve to aid you in becoming ever clearer conduit for your soul light.
Now, there may be many impediments to your light showing clearly. There may have been distortions to your soul light that were created in childhood, or through your family. The area of distortion we attend most directly are in the 3rd and 4th chakras. You see, these are the sources for your action in the world, the places that harbor your independence, your unique and individual nature.
The essence gently clears the dark or distorted areas on these chakras so your soul light can come through more clearly.
The process of clearing is not a selfish one. It is in service to all that you do this work – for without it you cannot serve the way you are destined to do.
These distortions may be of various types. Primarily, look for anything that keeps you from following through with your guidance, inspiration or enlightened ideas or plans. Everyone knows the enthusiasm they feel when they strike upon a vibrant idea. It is unmistakeable, you see how this idea is needed in the world, how so many others resonate with this idea, want to take part in the project.
So, aside from the topic of density of your plane (which requires from you to keep working and pushing the idea into manifestation – this is the place you inhabit, and this is a crucial element that cannot be ignored or wished away). But, when the will to create is there, and the enthusiasm is there – but there is something that prevents you from taking that step that pushes outward, that can cause the idea to manifest – this is the area upon which our essence will take action. There is some block somewhere – the critic arising perhaps? the thought “who do you think you are?” that you are not good enough, young enough, smart enough…worthy enough to bring this idea forward. It is as if on some level you think this idea was transmitted to you on accident, that there is really someone better to create this idea.
But, of course, this is not truth – you received the idea because you are well placed to bring it to the world.
Because of the nature of the creative process, should you choose not to act upon an idea, it will move to another – the creation wants to be born. The earth needs all her creators, they all have something important to contribute.
Our essence can help dissolve the blocks, the impulses and messages that keep you in a stuck state, to help you step forward into creator status.
Perhaps think of these things as sacred duties – the messages and ideas came from the Divine – your job, your sacred task on this place is to turn these Divine sparks into a concrete, real, tangible creation. It is not an act of ego to fulfill your mission – allow the feelings of unworthiness to be flooded with the sense of mission. You are important, unique and charged with mission. Let nothing stop you from completing your sacred task.

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