Siebold’s Crabapple


Siebold's Crabapple Flower Essence clears and realigns your self-image and will center so your creations and actions in the world reflect your highest consciousness. Removes the distortions of culture imprint or family wounding so your soul’s light can shine through clearly.


Siebold’s Crabapple | Flower Essence | Clear and Aligned

Botanical Name: Malus sieboldii

Family: Rosaceae
Siebold’s Crabapple flower essence fact sheet

Message from Siebold’s Crabapple Flower Essence

Other essences within our family have been made, and used and researched extensively.

What we can offer is a little different, with a new angle.

Think of our essence as clearing impurity – but when the impurity is more of a surface or external condition. That is to say, when the individual feels shame, but realizes it is not true, merely the thought construct of another, or of a culture. They don’t feel on the deepest level of their spirit that they are unclean. However, the tension that is created from the implant of shame or the feeling of being an impure being is a serious problem.

The primary area of influence is the 3rd chakra. This center will feel stuck, muddy, unclear. It may feel tense.

The problem arises because all actions that the individual takes while projecting their will forces through this imprinted energy will be distorted. It is as if a filter has been placed over their being, their existence as they interact with the world – and all they do is distorted.

As you can imagine, this is a frustrating situation. The being feels and acts on the clear impulses of the soul, but then is constantly thwarted as the clear energies meet distortion or resistance. This will cause distress, self-doubt – there is a sense of, what am I doing wrong here?

There is more. The distortions will, of themselves, create impure creations. That is to say, the result of actions taken from the clearest intention become distorted, and the distortions become part of the creation. When they are part of the creation, they attract distortions as a matter of course. For instance, an institution begins to draw members or donors with matching or congruent distortions. This will create problems in the execution of the mission that are otherwise unnecessary.

This essence will also be valuable in circumstances where the energetic environment of home or office space becomes contaminated with the energies emanating from the will centers that are distorted with this wound.

We have one more element to add to our message. This essence has broad application, for this issue is nearly endemic in humans. Everyone has an element of this challenge – it is a standard part of being human. As long as you come into contact with other humans, you will be exposed to these distortions of will forces. Our essence can help you maintain clarity when experiencing all these forces in everyday life. It will help to keep your 3rd chakra clear, clearly playing your soul’s song.

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