Shillong Rose


Shillong Rose Flower Essence strengthens courage and resilience during life’s struggles, encouraging hard work, study and concrete action in the world. Enhances the ability to trust and know that all is unfolding in proper time. Helps you have resilience to counter difficulties and challenges.


Shillong Rose | Flower Essence | Courage and Resilience

Botanical Name: Rosa longicuspis

Family: Rosaceae
Shillong Rose flower essence fact sheet

Message from Shillong Rose Flower Essence

You too can learn this trust in the inherent timing of a process. Humans do so love to do things now, to accomplish, to complete. It is a strength and a weakness of your kind, for nothing is ever truly “done” – merely complete for now. There will be another day, another season, another year – even another life.

Our red stems indicate an aspect of bloodedness – deep passionate rooting, drawing life and nourishment from the earth herself. For without grounding, all will fail. To be fully grounded and nourished by the life beneath you – this is important. In whatever way each one draws life, in the way appropriate for the individual biology – drawing life, thanking life, giving gratitude for the daily gifts the planet gives – these are all deeply nourishing, both to body and to spirit.

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