Lady Banks’ Rose


Lady Banks’ Rose Flower Essence restores healthy love for self and enhances self worth. A profound heart healer, it returns the primary forces of nourishment to the heart, restoring the capacity for love for oneself as well as for others.  Particularly effective when the wounding to the heart originates from a shaming experience.

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Lady Banks’ Rose | Flower Essence | Self Worth

Botanical Name: Rosa banksiae var normalis

Family: Rosaceae
Lady Banks’ Rose flower essence fact sheet

Message from Lady Banks’ Rose Flower Essence

This flower will aid in the restoration to a healthy and appropriate sense of love for self, for only then are you able to give love to others. The feeling of love must come from within – loving oneself and finding worth within, this must come first before all else. Only then can one love outside oneself, love others.

For the epidemic of anger, judgment, negativity – seen toward the “other” is simply the feeling mirrored outward. These are internal emotions, felt to the self, which express outwards. The cure for this state is to cultivate the love for self, to open to that which is worthy, perfect, pure with oneself – for the higher self, the angel within is always pure – no matter what the personality may have engaged in or been affected by. This inner purity can be accessed through our essence in order to rebuild the purity of self that should have always been.

For there are a great many experiences that cause a wound to be delivered to the heart. It is a most delicate organ, and conversely also the strongest. It is the seat of your experiences on this plane, and the focus point for all the relationships you tend.

For the heart is the frontier in most need of healing. When you do so, you can be more conscious of the hearts of others, and bring ever greater healing to the planet as a whole.

For this is truly the point. All the wounding to the hearts of the world – these are the wounds most in need of healing. For healing on this level creates the greatest positive force, it changes the vibration of the human experience. It is the ones who are most wounded that contain the next phase of wounding.

Our essence is highly useful in cases where the wound to the heart was a result of shaming. For the experience of being shamed shuts down the 3rd and 4th chakras together. The identity of the one shamed becomes tainted with the idea that they are not good, impure, damaged somehow. This is wildly untrue, but can come to reside deeply in the beliefs. So, if one feels this way, how could they possibly love? Because love is first a force to nourish one’s own heart – only then can it open out and feed others.

We use the term feed intentionally – for love is as, and even more, important than physical nutrients. The circumstances of the infant who does not thrive due to lack of loving contact is a case in point. In the adult human it may take years (even a lifetime) for the lack of heart nourishment to take their life – but this is indeed what will happen. Therefore, this is the most important wound to heal. It is primary, a primary force, in the human organism. Without it, the body is but a husk, a shell, that withers and dies.

Be of good cheer. The rejuvenating capacity of the heart will astonish you. You have seen the plants of the desert, shriveled and withered, lasting years without moisture. When the nourishing rain comes they pop right back into full life. It can happen at any time – the nourishing qualities of love and the heart can heal even the most desperately deprived.

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