Japanese Quince


Japanese Quince flower essence supports you to engage in deep restoration, conserving your energies by acting in alignment with your nature. Taking actions in the right timing for you does not deplete your energies and requires less effort.


Japanese Quince | Flower Essence | Aligned Actions

Botanical Name: Chaenomeles japonica

Family: Rosaceae

Message from Japanese Quince Flower Essence

Our healing gift is to bring a sense of ease and peacefulness deep into the body, into the lower centers, the pelvis and hip areas.

This area can be disrupted and result in a poor sense of grounding, a lack of safety in the body in daily existence.

Our essence is affiliated in theme with other species that have been made before. Our qualities that are distinct are as follows.

We bring a sense of stillness into the being. This sense of stillness is not the stillness of the upper centers, or even in the middle place. Our stillness is one deep in the body, in the Kidney area, in the lower burner.

For in this time of very early spring, we support and nourish the deep reserves, the energies that are depleted from overwork, excesses of all kinds, and particularly a lack of quality rest.

Our energies support this deep restoration, and the prioritization of choosing to engage or not engage in activity that is supportive of health.

This deep rooting you feel is how we support the energy of being.

Rest in our presence, feel your deep well of restoration being filled.

For there are multiple levels to the quality and alignment we offer, as there are with all essence plants.

The most important detail to remember is how we offer deep restoration through aligned action and choosing, prioritizing your qi.

Life force is easily squandered, and the effort required to return it is much greater than if it were not spent.

Our quality is one of mindful conservation and expenditure of energy. We support you in appropriate and aligned actions that are in keeping with both your purpose and in alignment with your natural energy flows.

These flows are vital to stay in alignment with. For if your energy is not available for an action, if you act in contrary to the moment and out of alignment – this will exact a steep cost. The same action taken in alignment does not deplete, is not an excessive use of life force.

You see, the same amount of “effort” done at different times has different “cost”. Reconnecting to your innate wisdom, to your knowing of when action is supported, this is essential to your longevity and health.

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