Japanese Agrimony


Japanese Agrimony Flower Essence gives a greater awareness of your true needs and empowers you to communicate them to others. It helps you understand when you are peacemaking or pleasing others at your own expense, and causing yourself stress or unhappiness. Helpful for those who override their natural impulses for self-care in order to please others.



Japanese Agrimony | Flower Essence | Self Care

Botanical Name: Agrimonia pilosa var. japonica

Family: Rosaceae
Japanese Agrimony flower essence fact sheet

Message from Japanese Agrimony Flower Essence

The pattern of imbalance is one of peacemaking, but at the expense of one’s own peace. This pattern is both a taught pattern, and one that comes naturally to a social species. For whenever an individual regards the needs of others before his own true needs (for we are speaking of those needs which are not based in selfishness, but those which are primary to the health of the spirit of the individual), the problem emerges. For then this soul is giving that which he does not have. This is not a sustainable situation, and will cause in the end a stressful and unhealthy relationship. 

The foundation of the problem is one of fear, for the one who over-gives beyond his capacity to do so, is afraid that he will be abandoned, bereft of companionship, love, protection. For you are a social species, and your need for others is strong and genetically ingrained.    

The tension arises when the fear of withdrawal of the social element is stronger than the innate knowing of what an individual needs to take care of himself. By this we mean, it is not functional for an individual to override his own impulses for self-care and nurturing in order to please others. The trouble arises because the pleasing of others comes at a great personal expense, and a shadow of stress is created. This shadow will always compound and grow greater and stronger in time, causing ever greater effort in maintaining these agreements between members.

The influence our essence can bring to bear is one of greater transparency of one’s own needs, both to the individual and to the group as a whole. For the better one knows one’s own needs, the better one can communicate them. This in turn, allows more understanding between members and reduces tension and conflict, both external and internal.

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