China Rose


China Rose Flower Essence helps you open your heart to release stuck emotions, especially old wounds or grievances.



China Rose | Flower Essence | Heart Opening

Botanical Name: Rosa chinensis var spontanea

Family: Rosaceae
China Rose flower essence fact sheet

Message from the China Rose Flower Essence:

Constriction felt in the heart is a significant aspect of the remedy state. There is a state that is held that does not permit fluidity of emotion, which keeps energy in a stuck state. When you feel yourself to be in the “right”, knowing you are the aggrieved party – this does not allow healing to take place or for the growth and evolution of the heart to take place.

In order for health to flow, emotions must be released into movement, released into the flow of life force.The mind can obstruct this process, gathering and holding old grudges and hurts into a concretion of the energetic structure of the heart. Is it any wonder then that the physical heart would suffer as a result?

Our gentleness soothes and opens, slowly allowing flow to resume into this energetic structure.

You are taught, either by others or by life experience, that it is wise to guard yourself against another betrayal or injury. True, it is worthwhile to maintain the memory, to have the emotional “antibodies”. This will permit you to recognize this pattern as it might emerge in the future. Recognizing it will permit early action to prevent you from incurring the same injury again.

Our thorns and habit take up space. We hold our boundaries, yet offer our hearts openly. The fragrance and loving vibration is free and freely given – but there are always limits. We protect ourselves appropriately – the roots are always held sacred.

The healing takes place through the adaptability of the heart – the opposite of holding onto fixed ideas of what has been and should be.

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