Cherry Plum


Cherry Plum Flower Essence supports mental equilibrium and calm. When your thoughts are running away with you and you feel ungrounded, this essence helps cool and calm your mind.


Cherry Plum | Flower Essence | Calm Mind

Botanical Name: Prunus cerasifera

Family: Rosaceae


This is the same species as Dr Bach’s Cherry Plum. This essence was made by solarization method; Dr Bach made this essence by the boiling method.

I find the energetics to be a bit different between the two, and do use both versions in my practice. I’m finding this solarization version to be helpful in less extreme cases of fear and mental type anxiety, offering support for clearer thinking and consciousness.

Message from Cherry Plum Flower Essence

Our ability to spread widely without disrupting the surrounding plant families excessively, permits us to be flexible in our expression. We are not overwhelming in our energy, and equilibrium is quickly restored in our presence.

This does allow you an insight into our remedy state. We are a restorer of balance, in the realm of air, of mind.

Out of balance, thoughts spin wildly without any grounding, or the ability to process or take appropriate actions. The quality of unproductive thought creates a highly disrupted state in the whole body and disrupts the function of the Heart.


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