An essence to help clarify timing and to identify which path to take.

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Marlberry | Flower Essence | Aligned Action

Botanical Name: Ardisia japonica

Family: Primulaceae

Message from Marlberry Flower Essence

Patience is greatly valued, and then action when the time is just right.
Like entering the waves, you must watch to discern the pattern, and then act decisively when the opening appears.
There is value in the time of inaction. Your culture sees it as a waste, and you tend to want to move right along to the next thing. But, this rest phase is more than nothing. It is in fact an essential element in taking aligned action.
There will always be triggers asking for your attention. Some may be relevant, many, or most, are not. It is of great worth to allow these cues to pass, without you needing to act on them.
Then when the cue you are waiting for emerges, you can take action precisely when you intend to.
Let the tide go out, allow the emptiness, and then trust and wait for the tide to return.

The process through which we make choices is in our realm. We help to clarify issues of timing and which path to take.
Our essence will benefit those who have lost the sense of knowing when to act or not act. This ability to read the signs, in concert with a sense of timing, will be strengthened.
The concept of timing is rich. You are often not aware of the greater flows going along that color your experiences. Learning to connect to the intuitive sense of when to act is essential in successfully navigating the new and coming time. Older methods of forcing and willing things into being will be less successful.

There is another element we can share with you. You swim in a sea of influences, yet you are mostly unaware of the currents, the weather events, the movements of other beings that impact you and your experiences. Our essence will deepen and develop your ability to become aware of, then to interact with these influences more consciously.
This is the key to creating the outcome you seek. To bend the currents, you must know what currents are there, and what other players are on the field. When you induce cooperation with the field around you, you shift circumstances in the favor of your desired outcome.

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