Cerato Flower Essence helps you find clarity of thought and will to make wise decisions. This essence is beneficial in all decision making processes, helping you to access the guidance of your greater self and know when the time is right to act.


Cerato | Flower Essence | Clarity for Decision Making

Botanical Name: Cerato willmottianum

Family: Plumbaginaceae

Message from Cerato Flower Essence:

Our essence enhances clarity of thought and will to create decisive, forward action. For when one can see the circumstances and the true issue at hand, without all the clutter of extraneous issues, then one can act from a place of clarity.
There are those who cannot act. This is usually because their energy flow has been hampered by early trauma and conditioning. They may have had a parent who took their choices away, kept them from developing a healthy will. Others come to this position later in life, though circumstances of overwhelm. Overwhelm, of course, is a symptom of too much input, a soul not having the clear space to see, judge, act accordingly. A sort of paralysis develops when decisions are always put off through lack of clarity.
Our essence can be used in your daily life when you cannot focus enough to see what must be done. At all times when one is at a crossroads this essence can provide clarity of sight, to see which way one is to go – but also when the appropriate decision is to simply remain still without making a decision. This is a valuable thing to learn – for it is often that a decision is not called for yet – you are not yet ready to move forward – there is not a “right” decision to be made. For in this space, all decisions would not be correct. Sometimes this space will drive you mad, for you feel stuck, unable to make a decision. But the truth is, it is not yet time to make this decision. This essence can help you decide if this is indeed the case, and provide clarity if there is a decision to be made.
People tend to make a mistake in seeking advice. If advice is sought when one is in imbalance, confusion, misalignment – no useful information can be given or received. It is impossible for even a well meaning and wise person to give good counsel at this time.
So, one must undertake to find a clear space to find this alignment – then once the true seeking has been identified, then outside sources can be identified and queried for information in how best to proceed upon an already determined path. It is never in alignment to ask another which path to take – they can never direct you to your path. But once the path has been identified, advice may be sought. For others are working or have worked puzzles similar to yours, and can offer aid.

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