Yunnan Pine Pollen


Yunnan Pine Pollen Flower Essence offers grounded perspective, allowing the release of toxic thoughts and old patterns of thinking.



Yunnan Pine Pollen | Flower Essence | Grounded Perspective

Botanical Name: Pinus yunnanensis

Family: Pinaceae
Yunnan Pine Pollen flower essence fact sheet

Message from Yunnan Pine Pollen Flower Essence

Our essence is one of perspective. We see the long view and can help to restore appropriate perspective in your being. For the human can become extremely distracted and distressed by daily problems. He can also become thrown off true course by re-experiencing old wounds and old programming. Our essence can reset the perspective, allow one to regain the wider view and release all the unnecessary angst. We ground down into the earth and recycle toxic thoughts so that calm can prevail. For the thoughts that are not helpful (old programming) only muddy the waters – they are old, not current issues, and are best left behind.

Our healing gift is for getting past all the details into what is really true. So often you will find a lot of mental chatter, clutter in your mind. Each item seems important and worthy of attention, but for the most part these are distractions from what is primary in your life. Our essence can help you simply drop what is not essential, allowing you peace in your thoughts. When you can reflect in peace, you can easily drop that which is unimportant, and the decision of which is clutter and which is essential is a simple one.

Our gift is for helping you release your current experience, that of focus on what is bothersome to you, in exchange for the knowing that all these concerns are truly transitory. Our essence can empower you to hold this perspective throughout, to be able to acknowledge the fleeting nature of these things, to access the wisdom of the greater part of you.

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