Yulan Magnolia


Yulan Magnolia Flower Essence helps the breath to move freely in the body so the spirit can more fully embody and inhabit the form.


Yulan Magnolia | Flower Essence | Embodied Spirit

Botanical Name: Magnolia denudata

Family: Magnoliaceae
Yulan Magnolia flower essence fact sheet

Message from Yulan Magnolia Flower Essence

This essence will assist in the resumption of natural and healthy breathing process. Where there is tension – whether mental, physical, or in memory, our essence can soften and ease the process, allowing healing to take place. Health always seeks to flow within the body, and flow can always be restored.

Humans for eons have regarded the breath to be tightly corresponded with the life force essence. The term “first breath to the last breath” signify the span of a life. Without breath, there is no life, no ability to sustain life. So, the essence, the primary vibrational force is to seat the being into physical form, into life on this plane through the breath.

Now every life has disturbance. All lives are full of frightful or painful experiences. These alter breath patterns, and on some level begin the disconnection process of the spirit to body. In most cases, once the event has ceased, the breath and movement resume and the initial flow away from the body reverses direction. However this process can be disrupted and at those times our essence can be well utilized.

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