Wilson’s Magnolia


Wilson’s Magnolia Flower Essence facilitates any creation process to create a stable or healthy structure in form. It helps guide the process of creating the desired reality.


Wilson’s Magnolia | Flower Essence | Creation Process

Botanical Name: Magnolia wilsonii

Family: Magnoliaceae
Wilson’s Magnolia flower essence fact sheet

Message from Wilson’s Magnolia Flower Essence

The origins of our species are in a timescale that is hard for you to fathom.

We have set the energies on this planet, and have witnessed change far beyond what you would understand. For, the planet, this rock in space, required many things to support life in the way you know it now.

There were the chemical, the physical reactions and inter-reactions to create building blocks of life. What also were required were vibrational and magnetic pathways that allow life to thrive. For there would be a hollowness, a lack of full possibility, without the field being set for this grand project.

We understand this topic seems removed from your concerns, but this is not the case. For the posturing of energies is crucial to progress, to growth, to health.

Perhaps you struggle to understand our healing quality because it is vaster than you would expect. Simply put, this energies we offer can boost any process. That is to say, for those who are not in full incarnation, we can assist in posturing the energies to support this. For someone wishing to manifest an idea on this physical plane, we can provide an underlayment to the manifestation process.

Think of us as a facilitator to any process that creates a stable, healthy structure on this plane – whether a body, a business, or a building.

We serve to guide the process of ideas into reality.

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