White Michelia


White Michelia Flower Essence remedies fear of lack that manifests in hostility towards the “other”, inspiring trust and compassion.


White Michelia | Flower Essence | Inspiring Compassion

Botanical Name: Magnolia floribunda

Family: Magnoliaceae
White Michelia flower essence fact sheet

Message from White Michelia Flower Essence

Common in your world is the identification of outsider as “other” – another being without the same wants, needs, desires as oneself. Perhaps even having lesser, or less important desires. When one sees all outside his group as being less important than him, there is created a great tension. This tension is also rooted in the lack of ability to believe in the goodness of the Universe, that all things are provided by Source. These gifts are available to all, without judgement or rationing. When a soul is on the path that is different than the proper one of flow, all things will be struggle. We use the word “proper” without judgement – it is more to indicate a break with flow or Source – the energy is blocked in this state. A state of trust in the positive flow of all things beneficial to the soul yields a spirit of great compassion for all beings. When the being sees a state of lack (reflected in his environment – this reflection is set up as a construct, sometimes by one, sometimes by a group) he will quite naturally be in a fear based state. This fear based state will then manifest in behavior such as territorial dispute, fear of others and hostility towards other beings (both human and non-human).

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