Star Magnolia


Star Magnolia Flower Essence encourages a holistic thinking process and problem solving through greater connection between the mind and body.


Star Magnolia | Flower Essence | Holistic Thinking

Botanical Name: Magnolia stellata

Family: Magnoliaceae
Star Magnolia flower essence fact sheet

Message from Star Magnolia Flower Essence

The human has a very great tendency to surround himself with objects and environments of his own creation (man-made). While there is nothing inherently wrong with this, it does have effects, of course. The strongest effect is to enhance the action of the mind. This has been profoundly useful, and has resulted in great progress for your kind. However, you are beginning to grasp the problem the side effects cause. The greatest of side effects is the disconnect of the mind to the body.

When the mind is operating without the guidance of the body as a whole (meaning the entirety of the physical and energetic systems operating together), the mind tends to run off and become disconnected and dissociate from the entire. It is a product of your culture that you think the mind is primary, even the most important aspect of your being. The thinking goes, the body is simply “dumb” housing that is required to run the mind – that it is unimportant and more or less inconvenient, depending on the genetic hand that was drawn.

This idea was utterly dominant in the past, but now is on the decline, fortunately. This was a factor of the masculine dominant thinking that has been the primary mode for centuries in your culture. This is changing – although it was the driver to get you where you are now.

So, you find yourselves ever more disconnected from the wisdom of your bodies. This concept itself, body wisdom, may be foreign to many.

The truth is, the body must become a full partner to the mind in order to have complete health, and for you as a human to thrive and to continue to generate new thoughts, new solutions, and to evolve. The mind-only approach is powerful, but limited. Holistic thinking incorporates the mind and body, working together, to create far better solutions and outcomes than the mind can create on it’s own.

Truly new ideas come from the field of consciousness. Certain types of ideas can be accessed by a mind-only state, that is by thinking and problem solving from an intellectual basis. However, a great percentage of all ideas are not available when this is the only type of thought. In order to access the new ways of doing things that can advance your personal, collective, and planetary evolution, you must develop a meld of your intellectual and bodily wisdom. Our essence can aid in this process.

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