Red Lotus Tree


Restores your sense of connectedness to the web of life and your place in it.



Red Lotus Tree | Flower Essence | Connected to Life

Botanical Name: Magnolia insignis

Family: Magnoliaceae

Message from Red Lotus Tree Flower Essence

There is but one injury that affects your kind. That is the illness of disconnection. Over time this illness has become widespread, as your connectedness with your families and culture, and as your ties to your land have become strained and shattered. These ties served your development as a species, and stabilized you as individuals for the whole of your history on this planet.
But, this time is different, and we feel and recognize that change. The time in which you live has unprecedented advantages, but with these come difficulties as well.
The levels of distress you are experiencing as individuals within your culture are hampering your evolution. So much more can be possible when your attention is focused in creative activity.

Our interest, and area of assistance, is to help anchor your consciousness in the reality of connection. When you know this absolutely, that you are connected to the source of all that is – all other concerns can simply be noticed and allowed to pass on. For they can have no hold on the one who knows her absolute mastery, that the idea of separateness, of powerlessness, of being a victim of circumstances – that none of these things are at all true.
For once you realize who you are, and how there is no chance at all you are alone and at the mercy of uncaring forces – a great release takes place. The unwinding of the armoring, the actions driven by fear – it can all be released into the field of love that will always hold you up.

This web of connection is constantly active, unless you reject it. Rejection can be overt or subtle – even the belief of unworthiness will push away the gifts that come from this source. You can hold your breath, keeping oxygen from your body, it only has a negative impact on you. The air is unaffected in any meaningful way of course.
Just in this way, breathe in the web of connection and know the gift will always be present. You must open to receive, as you open your lungs to take in air.

We can help you to feel hopeful in a dark time. For as we share this space together, do you not notice a shared sense of companionship, of contact, of shared experience? This is the space where burdens are lighter, this space of connection.
For you are in constant connection of course, its awareness just departs your knowing often. The connection is ever present, but your energy dips below the level that can resonate with it.
Our steadiness and long vision allows the passage of darkness, depression and despair without the attendant disturbance of the shen.

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