Kobushi Magnolia


Kobushi Magnolia Flower Essence strengthens the connection to the greater self and helps the soul seat more completely in the body. It offers access to gifts that were repressed or never allowed to develop, gifts that are an integral part of your life’s work or mission on this earth. This essence aids in full incarnation, which is a prerequisite to health and vitality.


Kobushi Magnolia | Flower Essence | Accessing the Soul’s Gifts

Botanical Name: Magnolia kobus

Family: Magnoliaceae
Kobushi Magnolia flower essence fact sheet

Message from Kobushi Magnolia Flower Essence

The primary use of this essence is for soul capture and re-seating. For all the reasons a spirit may leave the body, there are many essences and plants that can heal the cause. Our action is to work with these essences, amplify and direct the action, and assist in the reconnection of body to spirit.

The drawing in function of spirit into the lungs is impacted. To draw deeply of life force – this is a function greatly impacted by traumatic events. The being exhales out in response, and the natural inhale and seating process is interrupted. Use our essence to re-establish healing breath patterns.

The next concept you should understand is one of inner union. By this we mean, your being can be split in many ways. Many beings have been conditioned to compartmentalize their essence so as to be more acceptable to others. This essential self is stuffed into a drawer, so to speak, and rarely permitted out. This disowning of pieces of self – truly the best, most valuable gifts you have, is harmful to your well being. The harm done is more about the diminishment of opportunity, the missed chances. For in each life there are so many doorways, so many choice points available. While as long as the life lasts, there will be more – but the missing of any opportunity to fully express one’s genius is lamentable.

However, these un-owned portions of self are always available. The trick of growth is to realize, sometimes to be guided, to bring these beautiful unpolished gems out of storage. Bring them out, love them, treat them as the Divine gifts they are. In this way you will be honoring your self, honoring your Divinity and serving the greater good.

“Greater good” you ask? These small and not very grand gifts? mundane, even? Never, we say. Your gifts are as valuable and needed by the collective as those of your greatest leaders, the brightest and most beloved saints. Your gifts are valued the same as theirs. They too have bucked societal pressures to bring out their uniqueness and gifts. They shine so brightly because they have lovingly polished them, handled and used them.

Our essence may be used successfully for those who do not recognize their soul’s gifts. For there are those who were pressured so early to be other than themselves that they never really knew them.

The action of the essence is to strengthen the cord connecting each being to their higher soul self. This connection is strengthened, widened and cleared. As you may guess, a variety of issues may be blocking this channel. Our essence, paired with other essences (especially the gem essences) as is appropriate, will clear and strengthen this connection.

Look not for failures of spirit. Look instead for the fragile shoots of the soul’s gifts preparing to flower. Nurture these, breathe your attention and love into them and you will be rewarded by strengthening and flowering of talents that were heretofore latent. Even the one who sees himself without talent has gifts beneath the surface.

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