Hope of Spring Magnolia


Hope of Spring Magnolia Flower Essence encourages full incarnation and connection to the physical experience of embodiment. It helps you find the joy and exhilaration of this earthly experience.


Hope of Spring Magnolia | Flower Essence | Joy Of Embodiment

Botanical Name: Magnolia biondii

Family: Magnoliaceae

Hope of Spring Magnolia flower essence fact sheet

Message from Hope of Spring Magnolia Flower Essence

There can be no healing until the spirit finds comfort and home in the body. The “partway through the doorway” experience is really more out of the body than in. A full commitment to the incarnational experience is essential to making the “machinery” of health work.

There can be multitudinous reasons for a conditional incarnation. Our essence will serve to illuminate the ways in which this is true. That is, we aid in focusing the attention, the intention of the highest spirit part of you, which so much wishes to incarnate and fulfill the destiny of the experience so much hoped for. You see, this is a hot ticket, the ability to be in form, having this experience. Souls absolutely jump at the opportunity to do it. It is difficult, not comfortable, but it is a transcendent experience for a soul to have. It is much like those on your plane who climb to the highest peaks, risking all and enduring great difficulty. They do it for the experience, the magic of being there. The discomfort and difficulty are part of the deal. As is this experience of being in body.

So, our essence aids greatly in helping a spirit find its way fully into this body experience. Whether it was never seated on birth, or was forced out through traumatic experience, it makes little difference. We can show the way, show the joy and beauty of this life experience. For all it’s challenges and pains, it is an endless blessing.

When the spirit has fully linked with the physical form, great healing can take place. For the vehicle needs a driver to operate smoothly. Without this, small things fail to happen to maintain good health, these small things tend to snowball and become more and more disharmonious. There is a concept your medicine has not yet discovered. The body’s systems ring in harmony. There is an actual measurable harmony of vibration that signals to the organism as a whole that it is in health. Eventually, you will be able to diagnose an issue years before it manifests into the physical as disease, and be able to remedy it far in advance. The course will be changed, and harmony restored.

It is a fundamental truth that the body, absent its animating spirit, will die. This can hardly be disputed. What is not understood is there are degrees involved in this process.The process naturally goes in both directions, for instance it is regarded as quite natural when an elderly being spends more time sleeping, preparing to separate from the body. These separations can be serving the being, for often greater levels of consciousness can be accessed through a temporary lessening of connection to the body. The word temporary is operative here. For the body begins to lose harmony with each departure, and the level of departure is also important. However, should the spirit re-seat and fully occupy the body again, all systems will rebalance to health.

The area that can go awry is the re-seating process. For the experience of being out of body can be seductive – for it is home, and brings fond memory and is always a draw. This is natural. However, it is a distraction to your charge to be in incarnation. This is not a charge as you may see it (something imposed form outside of yourself) it is the longing of your soul.
Our essence can greatly affect the re-seating process, allowing the spirit to firmly grasp the connection to the body.

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