White Lily


White Lily Flower Essence teaches you to trust in the messages from your body that guide you to self-nourishment and restoration. This essence helps you overcome shaming experiences that taught you your body could not be trusted and that pleasure and joy were suspect.


White Lily | Flower Essence | Listening to the Body

Botanical Name: Lilium leucanthum

Family: Liliaceae
White Lily flower essence fact sheet

Message from White Lily Flower Essence

Our regenerative capacity is to rebuild the core energies of the second chakra. The shutting down of this center through a shaming experience causes it to stay shut down for periods of time, sometimes for longer than is beneficial for a being’s health. For much joy comes from the experience of being in this body, much of the joyous, pleasurable experience will be a part of your life. What is not generally known is that these experiences of pleasure and enjoyment are deeply nourishing to the body, even essential. The nourishment of this center is imperative to your long term health. It feeds processes of your body that otherwise show up as disease late in life.

It is through awakened understanding that great strides can be made in the healing of spirits. The sheer awareness that pleasure is a beneficial force, rather than a luxury or indulgence – this is a great leap in understanding.

For culturally, this is only something that is attended to if all the other necessities have been attended to first. If there is time and money enough, you can have fun – but it is last on the list of importance.

This is a grave mistake. You equate nourishment with the consumption of food that meets a certain standard of nutrients. But true nourishment is the delight, joy and enjoyment of consuming delicious foods and the connections made during the process. Food is intended to be a social function to enhance bonding and nourish all members. This essential concept has been lost.

The impulse toward regeneration is primary and very strong. Cultural conditioning is also strong, but is imparted from an external source – not an impulse coming from the body itself. We serve to remind a being that their impulses, the messages that their own body sends to them, are important and valuable. The conditioning is very strong, to override these impulses. Our essence can help to clarify the internal impulse towards self nourishment, and to help the individual to begin to trust in the inherent goodness of their desire to self-nourish.

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