Showy Lily


Showy Lily Flower Essence heals wounding caused by lack of love or nurturing, or the experience of a harsh or difficult environment during gestation. Provides the experience of a heartfelt, loving energy to heal distortions in the understanding of what true love is.


Showy Lily | Flower Essence | Love and Nurturing

Botanical Name: Lilium speciosum var speciosum

Family: Liliaceae
Showy Lily flower essence fact sheet

Message from Showy Lily Flower Essence

Our domain is the heart of the second chakra. All chakras have various energies, both primary and secondary. The primary of the second is fertility, but a secondary function which we resonate to is the heartfelt beginnings of new life. Life cannot begin in a loveless environment, or, if it does, it is stunted and damaged. When this environment of harshness, anger or hatred is the beginning point of life there is negative impact. Our essence can help heal this initial wound. 

For there are many who walk who have this wound to bear. They tend to show the wound in overcompensation of love for their own, which can be smothering. For they often mistake love for clinging or neediness. When they lack the initial setting of healthy, balanced love, they don’t know how love is meant to feel. There is a distortion in the knowledge of the true vibration of love, and they tend to attract or seek distortions in the vibration.

The light of love can come out for these souls, and healthy relationships are truly possible. It is part of their karma to work with this issue, but the process of healing can be accelerated and is indeed appropriate to do so. For the sheer quantity of enlightened souls walking the planet grows daily, and healing on all levels adds to the vibration for all. For enlightenment is not perhaps as you perceive – enlightenment is a process. There is no end. Perhaps at some point you have evolved to where many cannot see or relate, but all souls seeking and creating healing are participating in their enlightenment process and therefore elevating consciousness and vibration for the entire planet.

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