Leichtlin’s Lily


Leichtlin's Lily Flower Essence helps release all feelings of unworthiness and teaches that your body is perfect to do the work you came here to do. Clears residual emotional pain created by past abuse, while supporting the integration of wisdom gained from the experience.


Leichtlin’s Lily | Flower Essence | Releasing Unworthiness

Pronunciation: LECT-lins

Botanical Name: Lilium leichtlinii var. maximowiczii

Family: Liliaceae
Leichtlin’s Lily flower essence fact sheet

Notes from the Garden

Summer is filled with gorgeous flowering lilies, towering over the groundcover and offering their fragrance to passers by.  Each species is fragrant, and the Leichtlin’s is no exception. This lily is wildly showy, with beautiful orange flowers decorated by reddish brown spots. It rises 3-4′ tall, and the flowers extend from the stem and open facing the ground.

Message from Leichtlin’s Lily Flower Essence

We are affiliated with the second chakra. This connection is one of great importance, for there is much imbalance in the world in this area. For our energy is the gentle healing of the Divine Feminine, and enfolding of your spirit while you heal. We gently recalibrate your chakra and restore it to the clarity and brilliance it is destined to have. For no one goes through this life experience without injury, and this is appropriate for your healing and growth. But the pain that is residual does not support you, and can be cleared. The experience and the wisdom you gain from it is the lesson – the pain is not helpful to your continuing journey. So, gladly we assist in the removal of this imprint and help restore you to full, healthy function.

Specifically, the areas of dysfunction we can address are: sexual abuse, even the sort that is endemic in your culture – the images of violence and repression and exploitation of your females – this energetic injury is not only restricted to the females, it is equally injurious to the energetic function of the male. For the male is also a victim in this scenario. His healthy function is compromised and injured too. But this is the setup for the lesson, you see. This lesson is a very great part of the world karma, and it is very much needed for these injuries to be healed.

Even the injury of not “measuring up” to the images of the culture is something we can assist. This is an injury too – the premise that you are not perfect, exactly what you are meant to be – the way your body is formed, the “blemishes” that you have, the tone of your skin, the shape of your teeth – all these things are EXACTLY as they should be. This is the perfect body for you – the body that best serves your plan on this plane. To even wish for the aspect of another is foolish in our view. You are exactly as you are meant to be – perfect and uniquely suited to do the job you came here to do. We help clear all thoughts of unworthiness, imperfection and wishing to be “other” from your field. For we can see your perfection and we can help show it to you.

Your mission can best be accomplished if you are in the state of gratitude for the vehicle and partner your body is for your soul. It is perfectly suited for your journey and for you.

The heart of the matter is of self worth and self acceptance. For without these things, you spin back and forth trying to assuage fears – without really getting anywhere. The inner state of knowing, knowing the perfection and divinity within, is the starting point for evolvement and healing – not the end point.

This acceptance must take root in your consciousness before the body can be accepted. The acceptance of inner form is far more important than the outer. The outer expresses the inner – and cannot be changed without deep inner change.

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