Formosa Lily


Formosa Lily Flower Essence aids in the release of old, buried issues that resurface cyclically and offers full healing and restoration of the emotional scarring. Allows you to see the old wounds that have been long buried, helping the pain to come up for healing and release. Brings the light of awareness to unexamined places.


Formosa Lily | Flower Essence | Healing Old Wounds

Botanical Name: Lilium formosanum

Family: Liliaceae

Formosa Lily flower essence fact sheet

Message from the Formosa Lily Flower Essence

There is an element of emergence here for that which is hidden, deep in the recesses of the shadowy depths. There are many things like this, you know, in your experience with humans. Often the truth of their experience if far below the surface, invisible to themselves and to others. But, surely as spring comes, the issues that have seemed to be absent or resolved have returned. It is a habit of your kind to see the metaphoric “return to the earth” as something completed. However, it is a common mechanism that brings a topic into your awareness for a period of time intensely, and then allows it to recede. The biggest issues are often this way – they are too intense to be resolved in one session.

In clearing out issues, sometimes new ones come to take their place. You may have felt an issue clear, only to suddenly find a new one in the same place. Our essence can help knit together the wounded place so the mechanism that maintains the status quo can be reset with the new healing information.

We will try to explain. In many wounded ones, the system has learned to compensate for the wounds.  This is how it operates so the individual can function. It is a bit like having a limp, or non moving joint. The rest of the body compensates so you can get along.

Now, should the wound be healed – the body is now in some disarray. From the body’s perspective, the easiest thing is to substitute the one formerly damaged spot for a new spot of something else. Otherwise, a whole new system of compensation will need to be built.

So, on the level of the psyche, a healed wound is often replaced with another topic. It is known, you see, to have something there. Our essence can give the system the nudge, the confidence to attempt something new with the healed locus.

The primary issue of our area of influence is the 2nd chakra. This chakra center is easily thrown off its ideal function in early development. From then on, the adaptations color the future experiences. Our radiant white color can remove the injuries to this center with a brilliant light. This light then fills and radiates the opening (from the wounded area) and keeps it from relapsing.

Our gesture creates a full cycle – from the rising energies, to the downward reflection, to the outward expansion and transformation, then to the upward completion. This is our sun salutation, and is comparable to your cycle of healing.

In order to connect with our essence, it is necessary to reflect deeply on the foundation you stand upon now. For the past is very much active in the present in most lives, and causes more grief when it is unconscious. The lifting of what has been buried in the shadow, raising it into the light of awareness, this is our charge. For the season of our strength (late summer and early fall) is the proper timing to reconcile old issues.

Fear not the shadow issues – they should not cause fear to surface. They are merely shadow – which is obliterated by light. Where there is no light, there will always be shadow.  We can aid in channeling the light of awareness into the unexamined spaces.

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