Persian Walnut


Persian Walnut Flower Essence helps with learning and cognition and encourages balanced states of work and rest. This essence helps you release non-serving beliefs that have been absorbed from family or culture. Beneficial for those who wish to overcome conditioning to conform to societal expectations.



Persian Walnut | Flower Essence | Healthy Mind

Botanical Name: Juglans regia var kamaonia

Family:  Juglandaceae
Persian Walnut flower essence fact sheet

Message from Persian Walnut Flower Essence

Our essence can be used to enhance the learning process. The essence will also be useful in cases of damage to cognition. When the brain or mind has “wiring” that is not quite integrated or firing correctly. This will also apply in cases of imbalance to moods.

Primarily, our essence is about the karmic and tribal ties that cause individuals to conform to expectations. This is a strong element hampering your evolution as a species. Much is to be gained in examining these assumptions and overlays, and removing those that do not fit. Some of these things are great tools and gifts, some are best left by the wayside as hampering antiques. The essence is of great value in both defining which is which, and releasing that which is ready to be released.

Secondly, our essence will show much utility in the healing of family inflicted wounds, primarily those that apply to the mind – beliefs, assumptions, the “DNA” of your family attributes. These are absorbed so early in the process they seem to be part of you, when in fact they are not. Our essence will serve well to release these things.

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