Great Saint John’s Wort


Great Saint John’s Wort Flower Essence releases old and stuck fears through the golden light of awareness. Helps you to face your deepest fears, knowing they have no power over your true and eternal nature. This essence guides the sensation of fear to pass through the body to dissipate in the light.


Great Saint John’s Wort | Flower Essence | Facing Your Fear

Botanical Name: Hypericum ascryon

Family: Hypericaceae

Great Saint John’s Wort flower essence fact sheet

Message from Great Saint John’s Wort Flower Essence:

Fear is a deep part of being human, and you all have these fears – of being overwhelmed, overpowered, annihilated. Recognize these fears for what they are, a part of being human. But also realize that they have no basis in reality. For the true reality is that your existence on this plane is an illusion. It is a perfect (or nearly so) illusion – such that all the players around you are completely immersed in this side of “reality”. But in truth, were you to be able to “bring the lights up” as they say – you would all be very amused by it all.

Turning your face to the light is a valuable lesson for you. Anytime you fear, feel the pit of fear in your belly – remember the illusion, connect through the light to the break in the illusion. The connection to the truth, the greater truth that you are an eternal being, always in perfect place and time, working through the puzzle. This remembrance, which we show you as the way our flower dishes turn to the sun, reaching out with their sensitivity – moving with the slightest breeze, but always facing the sun.

Remembrance of this image whenever you feel the fear – this will bring you much comfort so you can work the situation – not let the situation work you. The energy of mastery of this plane, with all its challenges, is available to you in each moment. Simply tune into this signal that is open to you at all times.

The fear shows you the edge of your growth – the edge of your illusion. Allow it to sharpen your attention – a signpost that guides you as to where to look. It gets your attention for a reason.  Allow the fear, attend to it in your body – and allow it to move through. This is the challenge, you like many others, learned that fear was to be avoided, not felt, covered and sedated. If fear is resisted, this is what will happen – it will calcify in the body – a signal going off at the wrong time – stuck in the “on” position. The flooding of the body with inappropriate fear will create problems with your health.

However, feeling the fear when it appears, listening to the message it brings, and then being advised and taking appropriate action – this is the proper use of fear. Our essence can serve to help release blocks to understanding helpful fear response. 

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