Blue Corydalis


Blue Corydalis Flower Essence enhances trust and confidence to follow your path, even when you can’t see where it is going. This essence helps you release the need to direct the path and allow Universe to co-create the perfect situation with you.


Blue Corydalis | Flower Essence | Trusting Your Path

Pronunciation: bloo kuh-RID-uh-liss
Botanical Name: Corydalis linstowiana
Family: Fumariaceae
Message from the Blue Corydalis Flower Essence
You are here for a purpose, which has not been readily apparent, but is no less formed because you cannot see it from where you are now. Do not mistake invisible to you for not being there. For all lives have planned purposes that are for the most part, revealed along the way. The journey the spirit takes may be unknown to the conscious ego, but it is certain there are no accidental detours. It is advisable to follow each path as it is presented, without need to direct the “road” you are walking upon. Trust that the road you walk will take you in the exact direction your soul wishes to go, and all will be provided for your wants and needs.
You are dearly loved, your support group is all around you. You need fear not, for your path is perfect – exactly where you need to be.
For as you are certain as to purpose, you may be uncertain as to the way to accomplish this purpose. We tell you to focus on the purpose, not the way to accomplish it – for that is the domain of the soul, of your support team. They can best create the outer circumstances to create your perfect situation. This is not a job for the will, for efforting. The best and most harmonious way to create your perfect situation is to focus on what you do best – focus on your gifts, the skills and talents you wish to share with the world. The world is eager for the talents of all its citizens for there are no redundancies. All are needed at this time to birth a new world. This is why the world around you is in such turmoil, so much fear. These are creations of an old system, one that no longer works or serves. You are looking at the birth pangs of a new world.
Opening to the subtle realm is often chaotic. For when you deal with a new environment with much information or activity, you will often need to reduce the amount of information that can enter your thoughts. This reduction can lead to misunderstandings as it would be if you only saw one small segment of a very large painting. You would not see what the painting was about, only on a tiny color segment. Therefore, the ability to open and comprehend large masses of input is valuable. This is something that our essence can help with.
The need for the human mind to make sense of a thought form creates a lot of distortion in the signal. For no sooner than you open to the signal, your human mind begins to interfere in the reception and try to figure it all out, create a pattern where there isn’t one, and to recognize the larger pattern at all. For the need to understand something immediately is understandable, but hampers your ability to create a full concept of a non-linear idea. Your mind hampers you in this way – it jumps to a conclusion based on not enough information. The essence can slow down those leaps, allowing for a greater and deeper understanding to evolve. It takes time for your mind to envelop the concepts of non-human origin. The subtle realms do not lend themselves to snap judgements, cut and dry thinking. For the concept is always in development with all the intelligences involved – there is never an end point in the learning. It is always evolving, as is the entire universe. You cannot “know” what there is to know – you can only deepen the knowledge you have gained. Knowledge is not static.

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