Sweet Chestnut


Sweet Chestnut Flower Essence is the essence for the dark night of the soul, when you despair and can’t see the way forward. Helps you soften into the experience and release the need to control. Offers insight and wisdom that can come through being present with suffering.


Sweet Chestnut | Flower Essence | Dark Night of the Soul

Botanical Name: Castanea crenata

Family: Fagaceae

Message from Sweet Chestnut Flower Essence

The essence we bring into being can be best used for those who need most comfort and are sick in the spirit. The illness of spirit is often the result of many wrong turns in path, and there is a great stopping. This stopping is able to reset the being, if it is heeded. Our essence, taken during this time, can help the spirit turn back to the light of their path.
There is value in the suffering. Great insight and wisdom come through the examination and presence with suffering. Much can be learned by sitting within the distress – not by escaping, avoiding or repressing with busyness.
The story I wish to share with you now is one of redemption. For all struggle, all fail in their own estimation. All will find themselves wanting in some primary way. The sadness in this position is that you cannot see your full greatness. These small stumbles, these minor transgressions are but part of the learning process. Would you give up on a child that fell while learning to walk? Would you berate him for not comprehending gravity, efficient movement, complications of footing? Clearly not. Nor should you harbor grudges toward yourself for not fulfilling your higher aspirations. There is no shame in dusting yourself off and trying again. There is not even any shame in giving up (although we hardly recommend it!).
The point is, be kind to your seeming imperfections and failures. The entire world sees you as you do not – a being walking around with a blindfold to your greater nature.

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