Persian Silk Tree


A gentle essence that soothes the heart and stills the mind, helping you let go of rigidity and respond with greater flexibility.

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Persian Silk Tree | Flower Essence | Calm Mind

Botanical Name: Albizia julibrissin

Family: Fabaceae

Message from Persian Silk Tree Flower Essence

Our essence can be described as soothing. You will find stilling of the mind, an ability to drop intensely held thoughts or beliefs, allowing softness around them. This softening permits additional views on any topic.

When the mind is in a concentrated state, flexible thinking is less likely. Holding tight to an idea does not allow a step back for a holistic view of the elements involved with the problematic idea or the piece you are trying to figure out. By taking breath, opening fully to the potentials of alternate views, you can more fully allow your faculties to serve you.

In each moment, we take in our world, gently and softly respond. Our form sways, our leaves create no resistance, our flower expand in sensitivity, yet are gentle to the softest touch.

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