Japanese Azalea


The Japanese Azalea heals early wounding where what we needed was not given to us – care, nourishment, even comfort. This experience of calling for help and being ignored imprints us with the knowing that we are not cared for by greater forces, and that our needs will not be met. Japanese Azalea helps to reconnect us to a sense of being cared for so we can trust our needs will be met.


Japanese Azalea | Flower Essence | Safe Connectedness

Botanical Name: Rhododendron japonicum

Family: Ericaceae

Message from Japanese Azalea Flower Essence

The quality of unmet need is strong in our signature. The energy of the color salmon, between red and orange – meets the wound in the first and second chakras – that of wanting and not receiving what is necessary for the soul as it incarnates.

It is essential when the being is so young and dependent of others to care for it. An important development is for a child to be able to ask and to be met, to receive that which is asked for.

This early stage of seeking comfort, pleasure, nourishment – this sets the stage for an entire lifetime. It is as if the pump of life force must be trained in this early fashion, to learn that what you need, what you desire, is given to you. As the being grows, more and more of the burden of creation is put on them, but the first training of this quality is here, at the very beginning, when the desire to meet the needs of the young is most instinctive.

Our essence is also of great use to reawaken the nurturing instinct in those who were not nurtured. This is a most natural flow, of giving to the small, helpless, needy, and when it is not present or distorted it causes great pain for all involved. Our energy can inspire generosity in interactions of all kinds.

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