Cornelian Cherry


Cornelian Cherry Flower Essence teaches the gathering of wisdom through the breath, aiding in establishing communication with nature intelligence. It teaches us to use the air element as a means of communication between all beings.


Cornelian Cherry | Flower Essence | Breathing Communication

Botanical Name: Cornus officinalis

Family: Cornaceae
Cornelian Cherry flower essence fact sheet

Message from the Cornelian Cherry Flower Essence:

You see, when we were born onto this plane of existence, humans as you know them did not exist.  There were proto humans, but not like you. In fact, “like you” is quite a recent invention. The buildup of wisdom and knowledge occurs over time, and forms a cumulative body of understanding on this plane, accessible to humans, or any other of like consciousness who wishes to do so.

So, while you may feel this is off on a tangent, it is not so.

All information gained and transmitted (in whatever form) serves to elevate the general understanding and collective evolution of this planet. Each piece you place on the mosaic contributes to the whole.

What does this have to do with you? It does feel abstract to you, but I assure you, nothing could be more concrete. This is the point of the plane we inhabit together. The challenge for humans is to understand that all those around you are not inanimate objects. The earth under your feet (dare to call it dirt!) knows who you are and breathes through you. We all breathe together, which is why so many traditions teach awareness of the breath. The breath is far more important and multilayered than you think. You can breathe in knowledge, you know. By breathing you actually take in the world around you. Literally. The chemicals of the airborne particles, smells, are the least of what you take in with each breath. With each breath, you breathe in intelligence, information, understanding – but without paying any attention, the information is overlooked. It would be the same as viewing any book, film or work of art and simply walking on by without even noticing, without registering what you have seen. This happens all the time to people, they pass through without seeing anything. This is not necessarily a bad thing – you would quickly become overwhelmed and not be able to function in your world without being able to selectively see. What we are sharing with you today is that you are surrounded with information – information you can connect with through breath. Simply breathing in the presence of a plant (for instance), you take in vast amounts of information – to be able to understand, process, and learn from it may take time and the willingness to educate one’s senses.

There are far more levels to this than you comprehend at this time. For instance, you are utterly unaware of the signaling (yes, communication) that occurs all around you via the element of air. There are subtle chemistries at work, and even more subtle vibrations that pass through the density of air. You perceive air as almost a vacuum – you could not be further from the truth. It is alive with life, meaning, wisdom. You will learn to connect with a great many intelligences through the shared medium of air.

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