Katsura Flower Essence aids in finding one’s innate capacity for learning and ability to take on new challenges. Gives confidence in exploring new avenues of self. Relieves nervousness and helps maintain focus while teaching.



Katsura | Flower Essence | Confidence

Pronunciation: cat-SOO-ruh

Botanical Name: Cercidiphyllum japonicum

Family: Cercidiphyllaceae
Katsura flower essence fact sheet

Message from Katsura Flower Essence

We are a type of teacher, as are many plants. Our teaching capacity is more literal in meaning though, and we serve to show others their innate capacity for learning and ability to take on new challenges.
gives quiet confidence in exploring new avenues of self – exploration of what you can do or be
instills peace and confidence in accomplishments and the confidence in our ability to accomplish that which we set out to do
for children in school, learning and trying new things
inhabiting and claiming your potential
We facilitate in the gathering together of groups to aid in the transmission and dissemination of knowledge and learning.
Here is how to release fear or lack of courage in yourself.
Whenever this anxiety rises, allow the image of our form to come into your mind. See the roots drawing nourishment and stability form the earth. You too can draw on the endless resource of the planet in this way.
Do you think a tree worries about generating income, opportunities, business? Clearly not, a tree well situated, well grounded, in perfect placement, simply allows all building blocks of life to come to her. She does her job, drawing nourishment from deep below the surface. All striving is in the growth points – the leaf tips, the new roots. Truly, these are delicate and easily thwarted, but that is as it should be. If all your ideas and aspirations were to manifest fully instantaneously how hard would life be? It would be overcrowded with these fully realized creations, which are all only partially formed ideas.
The system is intended to create slowly, so there is time for strong healthy and balanced growth of ideas into reality. 
As your ideas and desires take form, continuously guide them into correct form, into the most beautiful and useful creation you can imagine. This is how it should be.
For teachers: The class you plan must be seen in your mind as fully realized. It cannot be part measure. See it as filled with the types of students you most wish to be there. See if from their perspective, as full of information they are seeking. Offer them exactly what they are looking for – even if you don’t precisely know what that is. Engage them energetically (as beings you may not have met yet, but who definitely exist) as class members and participants. Welcome them into the class structure, and they will be drawn to that which they are seeking. The primary driver to the class is the seeking of the student. Allow the energies of the seeking to guide you to the best opportunities to connect with these people.
Finally, allow our energies to suffuse the field of this structure (that is the energetic structure of the class). Allow our energies to suffuse you, as the guiding force of the transmission of the knowledge. Realize you are like the tree – your roots stabilize and connect you to the energies of the material you teach. Breathe them in, pull energies from the earth, the rest will happen without any effort at all.

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