Morrow’s Honeysuckle


Morrow's Honeysuckle Flower Essence helps us accept change and loss, finding the perspective that our memories and experiences are forever and enrich our lives and the world in general. Eases sadness and regrets so you can find hope in the future.

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Morrow’s Honeysuckle | Flower Essence | Accepting Change

Botanical Name: Lonicera morrowii

Family: Caprifoliaceae
Morrow’s Honeysuckle flower essence fact sheet

Message from Morrow’s Honeysuckle Flower Essence

Your perception of life is a linear understanding. There are connections to body stages – of youth, young adult, and so on, that slip away from you without you noticing until they have completely gone. The preference will be to try to maintain a type of stability, an essence of non-change, but this is utterly impossible. Every moment, things are changing, never to be precisely what they were before.

Growth is like this too. You might long for a time when things were simpler, or in your forgetful nature, seemed better. Were it possible to check in with that person then, you would see the problems and challenges that existed then too.

Your existence is one of inherent loss. The things, the people, the situations – all the connections you make – it will all necessarily end. Something will change, someone or something will die, and the thing you love will be gone. It is in the way of things on this plane, from this perspective.

But this is not the only perspective, of course. From another perspective, the experiences, the love, appreciation and connection, are always stored – not only in your mind and heart, but in the collective experience all share. Your experiences are not strictly your own, you know. The experiences you have contact, change and enrich the greater collective consciousness.

It is a normal state to feel solitary – that what you as an individual, discrete person does not ordinarily impact the collective of all humans, all intelligence, all consciousness. This is a factor of the setup, the limited vision you have while in this experience. Normal, but your collective evolution is beginning to grasp the larger truth.

The greater truth is simple, each experience you create is permanently enriching your experience and that of the collective. There is no wasting of these experiences – they do not vanish, are not lost – they are all stored as living memories and can be accessed anytime.

The attachment to these experiences as transitory and subject to loss is where the suffering begins. It is certainly normal to feel this way, but also there is no escaping this experience. It is of course, inevitable. Everyone living will die. Everything will end eventually. The mountains rise and crumble. It is all constantly in a state of transition.

Time is at once fleeting and endless. Your time in this life is yours to spend and use. And also your consciousness knows no limitations – it is endless in both directions.

Our essence will be most useful to those who are experiencing shattering change. This is the sort of change that impacts the ego’s idea of self, the kind of major life change that causes all routines and patterns to be altered.

For the sadness of loss, that becomes stuck in regrets and what will never be. For those who lose sight of happiness to come, who feel that their life has passed, and that they will never recapture joy or even contentment again.

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