Japanese Teasel


A strengthening essence, helps to clarify boundaries and know when energies must be conserved to preserve health and integrity. Helpful for those who over-give and become depleted.

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Japanese Teasel | Flower Essence | Balanced Energy

Botanical Name: Dipsacus asper

Family: Caprifoliaceae

Message from Japanese Teasel Flower Essence

Our energies are well suited to the needs of the feminine. In this context, we speak to the yin qualities, the nurturing and tending actions. For when these are overused, or drawn from in excess, the exhaustion comes in on deep levels.
Now, recognize this exhaustion as too much effort, and excess expenditure beyond that which comes in.
So the desire to give, the needs that are being met are not yours. Your needs become lower down on the list, and not met. Realize this is a pattern well established in the core of your being, or this pattern must come into action when young are born.
Where it is out of alignment is when this pattern becomes the default, when it is always in action.

Indeed, the Liver spirit is activated here. You must stand up, refuse to continue, and delegate by engaging fellow partners in the processes of life.

Our vigor is key to the remedy state. For it appears to be out of balance, invasive. But indeed, we speak to lives out of balance and can help them to re-establish a healthy energy flow.

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