Japanese Alder


Japanese Alder Flower Essence provides a sense of deep rootedness, a knowing of what is real and true. Creates the environment for growth, so you can confidently act on possibilities that open to you. Offers clarity of thought so concrete actions may be taken, especially for those who strike uncharted paths. Quiets self-doubt.



Japanese Alder | Flower Essence | Confident Action

Botanical Name: Alnus japonica

Family: Betulaceae
Japanese Alder flower essence fact sheet

Message from Japanese Alder Flower Essence

The essence we have made together can aid in a sense of deep rootedness – a knowing what is real and true, no matter what the culture says. There are many greater “truths” than your culture allows.

Be very still and the knowing comes.

The primary mode of action of our essence is of clarity of thinking. The dithering and indecisiveness will be remedied, and right action can then be taken.

This essence is useful to leaders, those who take primary action. The first actors on any idea are always taking a risk – for no one has gone before them in this way. Moving into the unknown is risky – but acting from knowing – taking right action – gives comfort and certainty. There will always be doubt – this is part of the terrain to be traversed – but it need not hinder or stop you. Hold fast to the flashes of knowing and all will be well.

There is a primary misunderstanding, that certainty or knowing is constant. That when one knows, the feeling of sureness remains. This is not so. The important thing to remember is to hold fast to the flashes of certainty, for they are truth. You will not be able to maintain the inner feeling at all times, but you can hold fast to the memory of these moments. Allow them to guide you to the next moments of certainty. Follow them like a breadcrumb trail, and know you are heading in the correct direction.

Our essence aids in the grounding process. When too much time is spent in the mind, the body’s alignment system becomes cluttered and unclear. This results in unaligned action and general disharmony. The essence will aid in the drawing down of this cluttered thought and excess misaligned energies and allow the clear connection to resume.

The healing gift of our presence is to encourage and show the way. We create an environment for another to strike down roots, grow and thrive. We shepherd others into full incarnation and confident embodiment.

It is in the creation of this environment that the individual may connect to the guidance of their soul. Without this guidance, the being bumps around in the darkness. Our energies posture an environment where there is a far greater chance of the soul connecting with the conscious self. Of course, this takes place entirely in free will, and the being must seek this.

However, when the being has always been in the dark, so to speak, they may not even be aware that there could be this proverbial light (meaning the guidance of the soul). In these cases, the use of our essence may offer them an opportunity to glimpse the possibilities and options open to them.

For those for whom the light has been on, they may still struggle with knowing – not quite able to strike out and take action. In these circumstances, we aid the strengthening of will and ability to take action to secure the opportunities for growth – whatever the soul seeks.

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