Heartleaf Hornbeam


This essence helps you to connect to your natural enthusiasm and take action that fulfills your soul’s purpose.


Heartleaf Hornbeam | Flower Essence | Soul Alignment

Botanical Name: Carpinus cordata

Family: Betulaceae

Message from Heartleaf Hornbeam Flower Essence

An essential element of this remedy state is the sensation of fatigue or weakness. It is important to remember that this is a surface condition, and can change in a moment. This state has more to do with the soul’s motivation to go on.

You see, when the energies are spent in non-compatible activities, that is, work of the sort that is not in alignment with the intention of the organism – then it creates a depletion of force. The draw is on the reserve – nothing is added to the account to balance. Over time, the person strays further and further from his true path, the one that will fulfill his calling or purpose.
In this process, the “account” becomes ever more depleted and is rarely filled. It requires more will to continue on as before, and a leadenness enters his life. The sense of joy is missing, and only rarely experienced. This rare enjoyment is not enough to keep going.
What your culture does not recognize is the long term effects of the depletion of joy and purpose.
This essence can be used to remedy soul depletion.
We are not talking about shock related shen loss. That is a different issue.
Our energies concern the choice the will makes – choices that may not seem like choices because they are so swayed by culture or other factors. But in the end a choice is made to cede the dictates of the soul in order to do what seems easier or more safe perhaps. In the end, the price to be paid is steep, and at some point the body begins to show the effects of this soul loss.

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